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A Slow Approach

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Encouraging conscious consumers, as well as an intentional approach to life, coffee, ingredients, and food.

If you are familiar with Boise’s ever-growing coffee scene, you have likely heard of Slow by Slow Coffee Bar. A Slow by Slow regular, passing through the space each morning quickly became an essential part of Danielle’s daily routine. Little did she know her many mornings spent conversing with their coffee experts, local visitors, and travelers alike would bring her a lasting lesson that would shape just about everything she would do from thereon out—especially when it came to food.

Slow Owner Joe Shafer’s philosophy behind his business is this:

“Slow by Slow is the mindset that everything should be done with the time and care it deserves."

Danielle believes this mindset and intentional approach to life is very much the same when it comes to the food we eat. When a meal is prepared with this intention, it has the ability to remind us of the aspects of life that matter the most. Compassion, complexity, beauty, even sensuality—all the best things in life. But, as Joe's philosophy teaches us, these things can only be learned and observed if we take the time to do so, and to really think about what we are doing—and in Danielle's case, what we are eating.

In Danielle’s cooking practice, knowing what she is eating and serving to others matters. She believes there is exponential value in taking time and consideration when it comes to nourishing our mind and our bodies, and more so, taking the time to be conscious consumers who care for animals and the planet we inhabit. By sourcing our ingredients as close to home as possible, this allows us to know where the food we are eating comes from, how it is grown and cared for, all the while engaging with and supporting the growers and producers within our very own community.

Danielle’s approach encourages us all to slow down, and give every bite the time and care it deserves.

Thank you, Joe.

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